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Farmland Investment: How it is adding value?

Investment is subjected to market risks, we hear and read this everywhere. In the case of farmland investments, the situation is the opposite. Farmlands as an investment add plenty of value even though the economy of our country is slowly picking up after the pandemic. The financial analysts though fear inflation affecting every tax-paying person as well as various investment sectors that shape the economy.

That’s where alternate investment comes into the picture. Every investor like you seeks options for return on investments (ROI). Farmland investments are alternative investments that offer you ROI, value, and growth unconventionally. It is a long-term holding asset that diversifies your portfolio just like the benefits provided by real estate, bonds, managed funds, and commodities.

Let’s make it easy for you. An asset with Karnasree Farm Meadows offers you benefits like earning off the sale made on the managed farmland, and higher returns on reselling the property.

Farmland investments like ours also believe in adding value in the form of other advantages like:

  1. Provision of spacious farmhouses which can be a home away from home for you and your family.
  2. The property gives access to plantations, and nests trees which are rarely found in this part of the region.
  3. Surrounded by countless amenities for the sole purpose of relaxation.
  4. A space specially dedicated for senior citizens to maintain their physical and mental strength.
  5. Plenty of locational advantages like proximity to Bangalore International Airport, Bangalore Hebbal flyover, tourist attractions, industrial hubs, religious places, and tier two cities.

Such advantages help you receive bigger yields in the form of emotional and monetary benefits.

Below mentioned are other pointers that prove farmland investment adds more value to your existing investment portfolio. Some of them are:

  • Naturally restricts Inflation 

Just like gold, farmland investment is utilized as a natural hedge against inflation. Farmland investors like you will receive returns in the form of price appreciation when the property is sold. Investing in Karnasree Farm Meadows farmland projects means keeping pace with the inflation.

  • Long Term Returns

Capital investment in Karnasree Farm Meadows gives plenty of long-term benefits especially if the property is in the proximity of a major city like Bangalore. The value of your farmland is guaranteed to never depreciate making it an ideal investment for long-term returns. Farmland investments are on the rise in the country, so this is the ideal time for you to invest in Karnasree Farm Meadows farmland projects.


  • Source of Passive Income

Karnasree Farm Meadows as an investment comes with added benefits of cultivating crops and vegetation of your choice. The location of the project ensures you higher ROIs on the sale of the crops, and price appreciation on the sale of the land. Another ROI on farmland investments comes in the form of distance from government infrastructure projects, e.g.: Bangalore International Airport is less than 90 minutes away from our project.

  • Tax Exemption

If you are investing in agricultural land or acquiring agricultural land ownership in India, it gives you income tax exemption on the income earned from the land parcel including gains on selling your land. Agricultural income is tax-free without any limit which means if you gain an unlimited amount from agriculture and not a single rupee of yours will go towards income tax.

  • Growing Agro Realty Projects

There is a steady increase in construction firms turning towards building a sustainable environment for potential investors like you. Karnasree Farm Meadows is one of them. Our farmland projects include purchasing the agricultural land for agro-realty, encouraging organic farming, and horticulture; managing your farmlands, providing spacious farmhouses, and surrounding the project with lush greenery and other essential amenities. You can benefit from the sale of the produce grown at your property, making it an ideal form for investment.

At Karnasree Farm Meadows, we encourage this generation to pursue agriculture and add value by providing a life amongst the greenery. We make sure this investment will give them higher returns in the form of monetary benefits and health benefits. Karnasree Farm Meadows believes in the idea of people being able to own farm spaces, which will form a sense of attachment to their roots.

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